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Thomas Cortesi - Photography
  • Hello Thomas, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello! Well, Thomas Cortesi, former journalist / test driver for Moto Journal magazine for 9 years, now freelance photographer for several years.

  • So you wear several hats, which one is your favorite?

The photographers's hat is definitely my favorite! I barely write anymore, except when it's about a very special topic or because I want to, just for fun.

  • Where did your passion for photography  come from? And when did it start to tickle you?

My father literally put a silver process camera into my hands when I was a kid. I liked it right away, without it being a true passion. It came later, when I got my hands on my brother's old camera when I was a teenager. I was already a car & motorcycles freak. At this moment it started to make a whole lot of sense to me.

  • What made you go into professional photography?

The desire to take on a new challenge! I had made it to my childhood dream working at Moto Journal, the longing for something new made its way in my head after all these years. Going into professional photography was quite an obvious choice for me.

  • What equipment do you use?

CANON, since always. My father had one, so I never looked further. I use an EOS 6D , but not for long…

  • Today do you work more for brands or magazines?

Magazines mostly. But I like working on total improvisation during a magazine job often leading to beautiful meetings just as much as shooting on a crazy big set for an ad campaign!

  • What are the magazines or ads in which we can see your work?

Mostly Moto Heroes, Auto Heroes, but also Petrol Head, Road Trip, Freeway, Speedster and sometimes stil in Moto Journal. Regarding the brands I was lucky enough to work with Michelin for their motorcycles catalogue, Ford for the GT presentation, Nissan during the Mondial du tatouage, Ipone for the Red Bull Moto GP Rookie Cup, Machine Revival, Age Of Glory

  • What is the photograph you are the most proud of?
IPONE - RBR - Thomas Cortesi - Photography

Wow… Not an easy choice. I'd say one of the action shots I took for Ipone during the Red Bull Moto GP Rookies Cup. But mostly I am very proud of being published in Moto & Auto Heroes on a regular basis… These are two stunning magazines which truly honour photography!

  • And one last question, who are the photographers that inspire you?

The list is extremely long! Off the top of my head I'd say : William Crozes, Kaziras, Steve McCurry, Irving Penn, Richard Pardon, Aaron Brimhall, Platon, Lionel Beylot, Vince Perraud, Laurent Nivalle, Seb Zanella, Drew Martin, Harry Mark,… & so many more!

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